Why choose K.E.I Dumpster Rental instead of other companies?

When searching for the perfect dumpster rental company, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Dumpster Sizes
Dumpsters are various sizes. Our dumpsters are 4 ft. high. This allows you to load from all 4 sides.
Some companies are much higher forcing you open the back gate to load or use a ladder to reach from the sides.
Ask so you aren’t disappointed.

Be sure to compare the weights allotted with dumpster sizes. Almost everyone charges extra if you exceed the allotted weight in the
dumpster, which can add up. Our weights generally allow at least ½ a ton more the other companies. A few dollars spent ahead
of time can save a lot in the end.

Locally Owned
Support a local, woman owned business like K.E.I. Dumpster Rental.